Soa wo sunsum wo kenten mu,

eti sɛ wo de nsuo agu mu.

Nanso mpaebo deɛ ye be toa so.

Yenhu mfasoɔ mome,

Enso enyɛ hwe.

Na ya ma ye ho so,

Daakye ebe ye yie.

ko wo nkotodwe so.

Wonnim sɛ saa na ye yɛ no?

bo mpae, na tua wo tithes.

Sunsumsore deɛ ye de be soa wo.

Mendwene se a pa wo ho.

Ye de wo sunsum be hyɛ kenten mu.

Anokye kraa, wei deɛ wannsum ho dae.

Heavy Spirituality

Put your spirit in this basket.

See? It spills out like water.

Pointless isn’t it?

Yet the prayers to keep it in that basket,

rage on.

Don’t ask us questions.

All we’ll do is shrug,

and tell you it’s nothing.

One day,


Soon… everything will fix itself.

Get on your knees.

Don’t you know that that’s how it’s done?

Pray hard and pay your tithes,

because you’re never escaping this

heavy spirituality.

Don’t you dare think it’s passed you by.

Though it is pointless,

we will pray your spirit into that basket.

And we will succeed, in ways Okomfo Anokye*

didn’t dare dream of.

*Okomfo Anokye is an historic famous Ghanaian fetish priest (or medicine man) who worked for the Ashanti people. Among his numerous feats, was conjuring a stool of solid gold out of the sky. This stool survives today and represents the soul of the Ashanti people.

Written and Translated By: Akua A. Banful


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