African Poetry Anthology: A project you ought to read about

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but only recently did it become a concrete project in my head. What is all this about?:

A modern anthology of African Poetry, primarily in African languages.

The idea is, if you speak and can write any African language at all, write a poem in it. Then  give a rough translation of your poem in english underneath it or at the side, wherever you please. You can mix up languages if you so please, but please include a non-transliterated english version of your poem in your submission


If you have any pieces or as and when you do, send them as an email attachment to:

As submissions come in, I will create a blog and post them there, as well as create a Facebook fan page and the like, so please spread the word.

The ultimate aim, is to turn this into a published book, and hopefully turn this into a sustainable project such that volumes of this can be released periodically.

I’m looking primarily for submissions, because that would get things started, and I am also looking for people who are interested in working with me on the project: going back and forth with writers about editing, managing submissions, lobbying to expand the project as time progresses, and eventually working with me to get this published.

If you are interested in any of this, please send an email to the address listed above, and we will get started!

Art from the continent for the continent.


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